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i'm taylor

It's so great to meet you! I’m a full time wedding photographer currently living in Washington D.C. with my handsome other half. I get to be a part of the sweetest moments of people’s lives and it is such a joy for me! Nine times out of ten I'm tearing up right there with the groom. I am so excited for you two, I can’t wait to hear your story!

i'm more  likely  to book  our next  trip

he's more likely to try sky diving

To share a bit of ours, Ben & I met when we were 16. Saranac Young Life camp, one week before my family moved to Germany! We assumed there was "no way it would work out" because I was moving across the world. Still, we kept in touch and started spending way too many hours on the phone. Phone calls led to visits, visits led to dating, and after 6 years of long distance, he knelt down and asked for my forever! We exchanged vows, sealed it with a kiss, and danced the night away with our favorite people. 3 years in, we're convinced marriage is a LOT more fun than people make it out to be!

To be honest, we're total opposites. He's the daredevil, I prefer to play it safe. He likes gym clothes, I'm happiest in dresses. As wedding guests, he'd be content to sit in the back, if I wasn't on the dance floor the entire night. I kill our plants, he revives them. We're opposites, and life is far more fun this way! We do, however, both believe in traveling at least once a year, leaving surprise notes for each other, apologizing, and staying rooted in the Lord for a truly beautiful marriage!

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