Melissa & Trevin | Clifton Engagement Photographer

When I meet couples for engagement sessions, I try not to let my first question be, “SO, how did he propose??” – but I’m always secretly dying to know. When I met Melissa and Trevin, it was easy to see how their personalities compliment each other, they just fit. I can’t remember exactly how much self control I had before asking about their proposal story, but it is seriously so sweet. Trevin proposed to Melissa by hiding the ring (still in its box!) in his sock, and pretending to tie his shoe. When she finally looked, she found him on one knee, and he asked for her forever. When they got home to share the joyful news with their parents, they found out that not one but BOTH sets of parents had proposed using the Sock Method too! Not even making this up, it’s officially a family tradition now!

I had so much fun with these two. We laughed, we talked about life, and they sweetly said yes to my creative ideas. I walked away from the session with a full heart – they were such a joy to be around!!

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