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Ben & Taylor | Taylor Rose Photography

i'm Taylor

It's so great to meet you! I’m a wedding photographer currently living in Washington D.C. with my handsome other half. I get to be a part of the sweetest moments of people’s lives and it is such a joy for me! Nine times out of ten I’m crying right there with them. I am so excited for you two, I can’t wait to hear your story!


To share a little bit of ours, Ben & I began our relationship from opposite ends of the Atlantic. If you have also calculated time differences, planned your day around Skype calls, and savored tiny weekends together - we totally get the feeling, and we're cheering for you! 


We thank my less than conventional childhood for our long distance days. Rather than one hometown, I grew up in 10 houses, 5 different states, and a handful of foreign countries. Keep reading to see the places I call home - I bet we have one in common!




I believe in bringing freedom

We all have those things that light a fire in our soul. There is a fire in my heart to see victims of human trafficking step into freedom! I have decided to use this little business of mine to help fight on their behalf. Read more about how your wedding can bring freedom!


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I really think Taylor acted as the key person in helping the day go as smoothly as it did!
— Courtney & Zack