Refined elegance,
genuine joy

Shaped by a love for fashion
and a background in Interior Design.
Capturing Southern love stories
with a hint of European flair.


Your wedding will be the most exquisite day of your life, and should be honored with imagery to match. While I absolutely love the art of documenting iconic moments, my true joy is in getting to know my couples, and fully caring for them. It fills my heart to add peace to the wedding day, which begins with a seamless experience. Serving you and your loved ones, while curating stylish, classic imagery is my heart and goal!

the artist

Photographer in Savannah, Georgia

Photographer based in Savannah, Georgia

These precious memories will only happen once, and deserve to be documented with intentionality and care. This is why I love hearing the sentimental details of your story, as it allows me to anticipate every precious moment significant to you. My mission is to give couples graceful, classic imagery with a curated preparation process, creating an effortless experience tailored specifically to you.

Sophisticated Stills. A Heart to Serve.

Photographer in Savannah + Charleston

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internationally inspired

My love for breathtaking views and iconic moments began in my childhood, in the years that my family lived abroad in Europe. I get nostalgic for the places scattered among those memories — the quiet charm of German villages, the wild beauty of Italian culture, and secret coves along the Mediterranean's edge. Each holds a place in my heart for their own beautiful reasons. 

I fell in love with Europe's effortless elegance, which led to an Interior Design degree, and now, the capturing of that same refined beauty in a wedding day. After moving 13 times, my heart absolutely thrives on change, meeting new people, and hearing their stories. Personally getting to know you both, and documenting the iconic moments of your story fills my soul!

the influences of a charleston + savannah photographer

photographer. designer. frequently hosting friends in her home, dessert guaranteed.

Taylor cherishes emotional connections the most, and relationships are the heart of her entire process.  Her work is founded in capturing joy as it naturally unfolds, creating sentimental imagery with a hint of elegance.  In short, Taylor’s photographs are loved most for their honest sophistication. 

An Interior Design background has influenced Taylor's photography style, giving her an eye for graceful balance, artistic placement, and preserving color. Her love for design enhances her artistic approach, from styling bridal fashion to the final gallery edited in precision. Years of design experience paired with her adoration for people and genuine emotion creates her signature work.

taylor rose

taylor rose

influences of a charleston + savannah photographer

“If you are looking for a photographer who not only has the gift of a photographer's eye but also has a desire to know each person behind her lens, Taylor is your girl. She will capture your event beautifully, while truly getting to know your story, your heart, walking beside you through this joyous season.”

meghan + logan


the stories

where i was born


kindergarten: where I tasted my first milka + began a love affair with european chocolate


middle school: Where i fell in love with caprese + the vibrance of italian culture


a childhood favorite, that would one day be the inspiration for our daughter's name


high school: where christmas markets stole my heart, and traveling became my favorite pass time


where i Married my husband + founded my photography business

washington, d.c.

home base for my college years, where i had a design internship with the embassy


where we've planted roots + welcomed our baby girl


While a handful of my childhood years were spent abroad, I began my business in Washington, D.C. and have ultimately settled down in Savannah, Georgia with my husband and baby girl. We absolutely love our charming, Spanish moss-draped little town. Below is a bit of my story by city!

We all have those things that light a fire in our soul.

My mission to serve extends beyond each intentional experience. It’s my joy to give a percentage of my business profits to A21, a foundation devoted to aiding human trafficking survivors.

giving back

at   the heart

Photographer in Savannah, Georgia + Charleston, South Carolina

I adore a good story. The comical details of how you met, the sentimental ring you're wearing that was once your grandmother's, and every other detail to your day should be woven together in sentimental, timeless imagery.  While you enjoy the party, I'll be taking care of every detail, tailoring imagery that will preserve these meaningful details for life.

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