While I will be by your side during this season of your life, your wedding images will extend past this day — the only preservation of your most iconic memories. 

This is why I love to hear your story and vision for your wedding. I want to capture the sentimental details, set aside extra time for moments unique to your day, and allow space for creativity to style those unforgettable portraits with elegance and taste. 

In my six years as a wedding photographer, I've come to find that intentional preparation, genuinely getting to know you both, and bringing unparalleled artistic expertise allow me to curate a high-touch experience that is tailored just for you.

Wedding Photographer in Savannah, GA & Charleston, SC

Classic imagery for exquisite affairs

Pure in color


The true color of your day will be reflected in your wedding portraits. Life is full of color and life, and your gallery will reflect the true beauty of your day!

Natural, clean editing


Images are kept airy, with clean backgrounds, negative space, and bright light. I love a naturally bright image, without it becoming overexposed!

intentional timing


Luxury begins with a well designed timeline. This is why it's one of the first things we'll talk through together! I'll always ensure that there's plenty of time to capture every beautiful moment, and thoughtful detail of your day - and it all starts with an intentional photo timeline!


authentic joy, Elegant direction

I look for organic, authentic joy as it's naturally unfolding, while also sharing direction as needed, so you're never left wondering what to do. It's absolutely possible to have a gallery of both candid joy, and elegant, romantic direction!

iconic Locations


The inspiration for my most creative work begins with iconic scenery. Whether it's breathtaking views, grand architecture, or delicate gardens, I love working with the beauty of your venue to create iconic composition for your portraits. Scrolling my Instagram will give a taste of my use of backgrounds!

These images will be the art of your day that you'll savor for life. They should be refined with careful care! Below is my artistic approach to photography style.

in luxury wedding photography

A refined style

Taylor is professional, so accommodating to our personal needs, quick to respond, organized, and incredibly sweet. She was such a good sport in the freezing cold, and the photos turned out amazing. We were so lucky to have found her! 

she is quick to respond, organized, and incredibly sweet

Savannah Wedding Photographer Testimonials

Her presence calmed the room and decreased any stress on the wedding day. Not only did she make my husband and I feel comfortable, but our wedding party and guest felt extremely comfortable with her too. We absolutely loved our images and are so thankful for her!


Savannah Wedding Photographer Testimonials

Within the first few minutes of meeting Taylor, we felt so comfortable which made our engagement shoot a blast! Our pictures are stunning, tastefully light & airy, and most importantly, authentic. 


Savannah Wedding Photographer Testimonials

Taylor is so incredibly kind. She understood exactly where we were at, and supported me through the entire engagement season, right up to the wedding day. I really think she was the reason that the day went as smoothly as it did. Book her now, you won't regret it!


Savannah Wedding Photographer Testimonials

Taylor answered every one of my questions, and even made it enjoyable for my husband! Our day wouldn't be complete without her patience and cheerful heart, we laughed the whole time. She was the glue that held everything together.


Savannah Wedding Photographer Testimonials

Taylor did more than we expected, or ever could have asked for. She wasn't just helpful on the day of, but all the way leading up to the wedding. Our photos are timeless, which is my favorite thing about her style. We are so thankful for her!

our photos are timeless, which is my favorite thing about her style

Savannah Wedding Photographer Testimonials

Taylor was flexible, positive, and on top of every detail. She immediately met my anxiety with empathy and was so encouraging, putting me at ease about our fast approaching wedding day. Our photos are absolutely beautiful!

she was on top of every detail & met my anxiety with empathy

Savannah Wedding Photographer Testimonials




luxury wedding photography

all complete Wedding collections

Engagement & Anniversary collections

Your wedding day will be filled with sentimental moments, from the heartfelt gifts given in the morning to the final grand exit kiss. Collections begin at 10 hours, allowing you the breathing room to truly enjoy these as they unfold, without the pressure and stress of a tight timeline. Your wedding experience is designed around your personal desires and wedding day.

In this season of wedding planning, your engagement session is the perfect date night to step away from the chaos, and celebrate the beauty of this season. In our hour and a half together, we'll create imagery for your Save the Dates and wedding decor, while you also catch a glimpse into my photography style, giving you extra peace of mind for the wedding day. Your wedding portraits will be all the more relaxed and natural, having done it all before!

Beginning at $5,000

Beginning at $550

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To reminisce and preserve your memories

personalized wedding albums

Indulge in your favorite memories whenever you so desire, keeping this treasured day easily accessible within your home. With technology ever changing, your album ensures that these memories are safe, should a hard drive or laptop fail. The day does fly by, but whatever may have been forgotten over time will be preserved among your pages.

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Effortless  |  Tailored  |  Intentional





Effortless . Tailored . Intentional


Have you shot at our venue before?

I'll scope out your venue prior to the wedding to note the most scenic locations. Even if I've been to your venue before, this is a vital step in my thorough preparation for your day. Landscapes can change over time, buildings are renovated, and I always want to be fully prepared before the wedding day! For this reason, I'll be scoping your venue out intentionally regardless of how often I've been there before.

WILL there be a SECONDary SHOOTER?

Yes, I’ve found that two photographers are best for capturing grand entrances and unplanned instances that inevitably become the sweetest memories. I often focus on the main features and events while my second photographer focuses on the emotional reactions that can go unnoticed - These are the precious images of loved ones tearing up, that become favorites of the day!

One, just yours! I will never accept more than one wedding per weekend, to ensure that I'm fully energized, thinking clearly, and ready to create beautiful imagery without fighting exhaustion.

How many weddings do you accept per weekend?

My collections begin with 10 hours of coverage. I have found that this is the optimal amount of time for emotive imagery that captures the start-to-finish moments you’ve spent so much effort preparing.

What is the minimum amount of coverage you offer?

Wedding galleries are delivered within 8 weeks of the wedding day. Engagement sessions take 4 weeks!

when will we receive our gallery?

Fresh, airy photography is my specialty. I love to leave colors in their original hues, bright and pure as they were on the wedding day. In posing, I blend candid joy with elegant direction, creating a gallery of authenticity with honest sophistication.

what's your photography style?

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for your peace of mind



It is an absolute honor to be the artist of your day, capturing these precious memories while caring for you and your loved ones. I look forward to meeting you and hearing the details of your story.

soul & sophistication

Wedding Photographer in Savannah, GA