Rebecca & Kevork | Amber Grove Wedding Photographer

October 18, 2017

I am one of those strange people who love road trips. Candy bars, car dance parties, and getting out of town are my thing! So when my sweet friend Hannah of Hannah Bjorndal Photography asked if I wanted to join her in road-tripping to Richmond for the day, to second shoot with her, I said YES. Road trip + a day with Hannah is a day well spent. We stopped by Cookout on our way, and I have decided that every wedding day should begin with a Chocolate Oreo Malt!

The day did not disappoint, Rebecca & Kevork are literally the life of the party. I knew I liked them when, after being announced husband and wife, they danced their way past the bridal party lines before danced down the aisle together. Couples who love to dance are my people, and it was no surprise that the reception was just as much fun! Here are some highlights of the day!

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